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τέμᾰχος, εος, τό, (τεμᾰ-, root of τέμνω, τέτμημαι) slice of fish (τόμος being commonly employed of meat, cf. Phryn.13), Hp.Aff.41, Ar.Eq.283, Pl.894, X.An.5.4.28, Alex.186.8, PCair.Zen.82.10 (iii B.C.), etc.; κεστρᾶν τεμάχη Ar.Nu.339; θύννου Ephipp.12 (anap.): later, generally, for slices of meat, Luc.Gall.14, Philostr.VA1.21, 2.6; of fruit, Paul.Aeg.7.11: sg. in collective sense, prob. in IPE12.76.15 (Olbia, cf. Supp.Epigr.3.587): metaph., τεμάχη τῶν Ὁμήρου δείπνων Aesch. ap. Ath.8.347e.