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τέως, Ep. prob. τῆος (not in codd. of Hom., v. sub fin.):—
Adv. of Time, so long, in the meantime, correlat. to ἕως, ἧος ἐγὼ ..ἠλώμην, τῆός μοι ἀδελφεὸν ἄλλος ἔπεφνεν Od.4.91, cf. Il.20.42; to ὄφρα, 19.189; so in Att., ἐσθίων τ. ἕως .. Ar.Pax32: sts. without a Relat., until then, during that time, referring to a time already indicated, ἐς γάμου ὥρην ..: τῆος δὲ ..παρὰ μητρὶ κεῖσθαι ἐνὶ μεγάρῳ Od.15.127; τελεσφόρον εἰς ἐνιαυτὸν ..: ὁ δὲ τῆος (Nauck, for τέως μὲν) ..δέδετο ib.231, cf.S.Aj. 558; ποσσῆμαρ μέμονας .., ὄφρα τ ... μένω, i.e. for that number of days, Il.24.658, cf. Od.16.370; ἐγὼ δ' οἴσω τ. E.Heracl.725, cf. Ar.Pax 687,729 (anap.).

2. rarely for ἕως, Hdt.4.165, Hp.Int.26, Mul.2.165, Pl.Smp.191e, D.19.326, 21.16, A.R.4.821, 1617, Sardis7(1)No. 1 ii 12,19.

II. for a time, a while (cf. ἕως B), mostly with some answering word or phrase, as τῆος μὲν .., αὐτὰρ νῦν Od.16.139; τῆος .., ἀλλ' ὅτε δή 24.162 (Nauck, for τέως μὲν ..); φίλον τ., νῦν δ' ἐχθρόν A.Ch.1001(993); τ. μὲν .., ὡς δὲ .. Th.6.61, Pl.Phd.117c; τ. μὲν .., ἐπεὶ or ἐπειδὴ δὲ .., X.Cyr.5.3.17, Lys.31.8; τ. μὲν .., ἡνίκα δὲ .. X.HG4.3.17; τ. μὲν .., μετὰ δὲ .. Hdt.1.11; τ. μὲν .., ἔπειτα δὲ .. Id.6.83; τ. μὲν .., τέλος δὲ .. Id.1.82; τ. μὲν .., νῦν δὲ .. Ar.Th.449; τ. μὲν .., ἔπειτα or εἶτα .., without δέ, Th.5.7, X.HG 2.2.17, Ar.Nu.66:—
without answering phrase, A.R.2.132.

III. up to this time, hitherto, Hdt.6.112, Ar.Pl.834, Pl.Smp.191b, IG12.57.21, 108.48; ἐν τῷ τ. χρόνῳ Lys.7.12, 27.16 (but ἐν τῷ τ. in the meantime, Polyaen.1.39.4, 8.47.1, Ael.NA2.25, 11.38, Steph. in Hp. 1.217 D., condemned by Hdn.Philet.p.434 P.; διὰ τὸ τ. for the present, Zos.Alch.p.231 B.); φίλοι τ. ὄντες Is.1.9.

IV. τ. εἰδέναι χρή you must know to begin with, Gp.9.11.1, 9.19.1; νυνὶ δ' αὐτὸ τὸ κεφάλαιον ..ἄκουσον εἰς ὀλίγους τ. ἀνενηνεγμένον σκοπούς Gal.15.764. [As a trochee before a vowel, Il.20.42, Od.16.370; as a trochee (spondee) before a consonant, Il.15.277 (Zenod.), Od.4.91, 15.127, 16.139; as an iambus, only Il.19.189 (sed leg. αὐτόθι τῆος, om. περ), 24.658, Od.18.190; as a monosyll., 15.231, 24.162, never in Il.; in codd. of Hom. written τείως, Od.4.91, al. (so in A.R.2.132, al.); τέως Il.24.658, al.; rarely τεῖος, one cod. in Il.20.42.] (Cret. τάως Hsch.: but the dialect forms of the correlative ἕως (ἇς etc.) indicate a primitive Gr. τᾱος, Old Ion. τῆος (cf. Skt. tāvat 'so great, so long'), whence later Ion. and Att. τέως.)