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τελέθω, 3sg. Ion. Iterat. τελέθεσκε h.Cer.241:—
poet. Verb, cogn. with τέλομαι, τέλλω, and πέλω (qq. v.), come into being, νὺξ τελέθει Il.7.282, 293; τελέθουσι γυναῖκες Emp.65.1: then simply to be so and so, ἀριπρεπέες τελέθουσι, μινυνθάδιοι τ., Il.9.441, Od.19.328; ζαχρηεῖς τ. Il.12.347; ζαφλεγέες τ. 21.465; ἀμείνων τελέθει Od.7.52; παντοῖοι τ. 17.486; ἵνα τ' ἄρνες ἄφαρ κεραοὶ τ. 4.85; so also Hes. Op.181,506, Thgn.770, Orac. ap. Hdt.7.141, Epich. 170, Pi.P.2.78, and lyr. passages of Trag., as A.Supp.1040, E.Andr.783 (not in S.); not in Att. Prose, but in X.An.3.2.3, 6.6.36; also Ion., Hp.Morb.2.5, al.; and Dor., Tab.Heracl.1.111, Theoc.5.18, al., f.l. in Diotog. ap. Stob.4.1.133 (codd. SMA).

II. Med. τελέθομαι, become, ὀπίσω δὲ θεοὶ τελέθονται Ps.-Phoc.104.