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τεσσᾰράκοντα [ρᾰ], Att. τεττᾰράκοντα IG22.334.23; Ion. τεσσεράκοντα (q.v.); Sicilian Ionic τετράοντα Supp.Epigr.4.64 (vi B.C.); Dor. τετρώκοντα Tab.Heracl.1.20, al., SIG241.67 (Delph., iv B.C.), IG5(2).357.16 (Stymphalus, iii B.C.), 9(1).880.15 (Corc.), cf. τετρωκοντάλιτρος and v. τεσσαρακοστός; once Dor. τεταράκοντα IG4.823.63 (Troezen); Boeot. πετταράκοντα (q.v.): οἱ, αἱ, τά, indecl.:—
forty, Il.2.524, etc.

II. οἱ τ. the Forty, a body of justices who went round the Attic demes to hear all causes up to ten drachmae, Isoc. 15.237; also cases of assault, D.37.33: changed from Thirty to Forty after the expulsion of the Thirty Tyrants, Arist.Ath.53.1.