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τηνῐκ-αῦτα, commoner form for τηνίκα, answering to a Relat., at that time, then, ἡνίκα .., τηνικαῦτα .. X.Cyr.7.1.9; answering to ὁπηνίκα, S.Ph.465; to ὅτε or ὅταν, Id.OC393, OT76, etc.; to ὁπότε, ὅκως, X.Cyr.1.6.26, Hdt.1.17; to ἐπεί, ἐπειδάν, ἐπειδή, X.An.4.2.3, Cyr.1.2.13, D.21.96: also with the Art., τὸ τ. D.S.1.98, etc.

2. without a Relat. expressed, Hdt.1.18,63, S.Ant.779, etc.; ἤδη τ. by that time, Hdt.2.51, 6.53; τ. ἤδη only then, Ar.Ec.789; τὸ τ. ἤδη Pl.Alc.2.150e; at that time of day, Lys.1.22; at this hour, τ. ἐχθὲς ἔπινον Men.Epit.166: c. gen., τ. τοῦ θέρους at this lime of the summer, Ar.Pax1171 (lyr.); τ. τοῦ ἔτους Luc.Herod.7.

II. without reference to Time, under these circumstances, in this case, τί τ. δρῶμεν; Ar.Pax 1142 (troch.), cf. Pl.Lg.792b, X.Mem.3.11.14. (From τηνίκα, as ἐνταῦθα from ἔνθα.)