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τίνω, Il.3.289, al., (ἀπο-) IG5(1).1390.76 (Andania, i B.C.), etc.: Ion. impf. τίνεσκον A.R.2.475: fut. τείσω (ἐκ-) IG22.412.6 (iv B.C.), (ἀπο-) Epigr.Gr.1132 (Att. vase, iv B.C.), PPetr.3p.55 (iii B.C.), IG7.3073.1 (Lebad., ii B.C.), etc.; Cypr. 3sg. πείσει Inscr.Cypr.135.12 H.: aor. ἔτεισα (ἀπ-) SIG47.15 (Locr., v B.C.), 663.25 (Delos, iii/ii B.C.), PPetr.3p.41 (iii B.C.), etc.: freq. written τίσω ἔτισα in Hellenistic and later Inscrr. and Pap., and in codd. of all authors (fut., Od.8.348, A.Ch.277, S.Aj.113, etc.; aor., Od. 24.352, Pi.O.2.58, S.OT810, etc.): in Hom. confused (both in codd. and printed texts) with τίσω ἔτισα fut. and aor. of τίω, and only to be distd. by the sense: pf. τέτεικα (ἀπο-) SIG437.6 (Delph., iii B.C.); part. τετεικώς Lyc.765 (τετικώς, τεθεικώς codd.) (v. ἐκτίνω):—
Med., pres. first in Thgn.204 (only τίνυμαι in Hom.): fut. τείσομαι Od.13.15, al.: aor. ἐτεισάμην 3.197, 15.236, al. (τισ- codd.):—
Pass., aor. ἐξ-ετείσθην IG22.1613.198, D.39.15, 59.7: pf. 3sg. ἐκ-τέτεισται Pl.Phdr.257a, D.24.187. [τῑνω (from τίνfω) in Ep., also Thgn.204, Herod.2.51, AP7.657 (Leon.); τῐνω in Trag., as A.Pr.112, S.OC635, E.Or.7; also in Pi.P.2.24 (Med.) and Sol. 13.31; also in some Epigrammatists, as Simm.25.1, AP9.286 (Marc. Arg.).]

I. Act., pay a price by way of return or recompense, mostly in bad sense, pay a penalty, with acc. of the penalty, τ. θωήν Od.2.193; τιμήν τινι Il.3.289; ποινάς Pi.O.2.58, A.Pr.112, Theodect. 8.9; δίκην S.Aj.113, El.298, Fr.107.9, 2 Ep.Thess.1.9, etc.; also τ. ἴσην (sc. δίκην) S.OT810; διπλῆν Pl.Lg.946e; τὸ ἥμισυ ib.767e (s. v.l.); μείζονα τὴν ἔκτ<ε>ισίν τινι ib.933e; τὴν προσήκουσαν τιμωρίαν ib.905a, cf. Trag.Adesp.490:—
but also

b. in good sense, pay a debt, acquit oneself of an obligation, ζωάγρια τ. Il.18.407; τείσειν αἴσιμα πάντα Od.8.348; εὐαγγέλιον (reward for bringing good news) 14.166; τ. χάριν τινί render one thanks, A.Pr.985; τ. γῇ δασμόν S.OC635; ἰατροῖς μισθόν X.Mem.1.2.54:—
also simply,

c. repay, c. acc. rei, τροφάς τινι E.Or.109:—
in various phrases, τ. ἀντιποίνους δύας repay equivalent sorrows, A.Eu.268 (lyr.); φόνον φόνου ῥύσιον τ. S.Ph.959; αἱμάτων παλαιτέρων τ. μύσος send one pollution in repayment for another, A.Ch.650(lyr., Lachm., for τείνει); ἀρᾶς τ. χρέος Id.Ag.457 (lyr.).--Constr.:

1. c. acc. of the thing paid or of the thing repaid (v. supr.).

2. less freq. c. dat., κράατι τείσεις with thy head, Od.22.218; ψυχῇ A.Ch.277.

3. c. dat. of pers. to whom payment is made (v. supr.).

4. c. dat. of the penalty, τ. θανάτῳ ἅπερ ἦρξεν Id.Ag.1529 (anap.); τύμμα τύμματι ib.1430 (lyr.).

5. with gen. of the thing for which one pays, τ. ἀμοιβὴν βοῶν τινι pay him compensation for the cows, Od.12.382; τ. τινὶ ποινήν τινος pay one retribution for .., Hdt.3.14, 7.134; τ. μητρὸς δίκας for thy mother, E.Or.531; ἀντὶ πληγῆς πληγὴν τ. A.Ch.313 (anap.): also with acc. of the thing for which one pays, the price being omitted, pay or atone for a thing, τείσειαν Δαναοὶ ἐμὰ δάκρυα σοῖσι βέλεσσι Il.1.42; τ. ὕβριν Od.24.352; τ. φόνον or λώβην τινός, Il.21.134, 11.142; κακά Thgn.735; διπλᾶ δ' ἔτεισαν Πριαμίδαι θἀμάρτια A. Ag.537: less freq. c. acc. pers., τείσεις γνωτὸν τὸν ἔπεφνες thou shalt make atonement for the brother thou hast slain, Il.17.34.

6. abs., make return or requital, Sol.13.29; παθόντα οὐκ ἐπίστασθαι τίνειν S.OC 1203, cf. 230 (lyr.).

II. Med., have a price paid one, make another pay for a thing, avenge oneself on him, punish him, freq. from Hom. downwards.--Constr.:

1. c. acc. pers., Il.2.743, Od.3.197, Hdt.1.10,123, S.OC996, etc.

2. c. gen. criminis, τείσασθαι Ἀλέξανδρον κακότητος punish him for his wickedness, Il.3.366, cf. Od.3.206, Thgn. 204 (where ἀμπλακίης, v.l. -ίας), Hdt.4.118, etc.; τ. τινὰ ἐφ' ἁμαρτωλῇ Thgn.1248; ὑπέρ τινος Hdt.1.27,73.

3. c. acc. rei, take vengeance for a thing, τείσασθαι φόνον, βίην τινός, Il.15.116, Od.23.31; λώβην Il.19.208, etc.

4. c. dupl. acc. pers. et rei, ἐτείσατο ἔργον ἀεικὲς ἀντίθεον Νηλῆα he made Neleus pay for the misdeed, visited it on his head, Od.15.236; Ζεῦ ἄνα, δὸς τείσασθαι, ὅ με πρότερος κάκ' ἔοργε, δῖον Ἀλέξανδρον Il.3.351; τείσασθαί τινα δίκην exact retribution from a person, E.Med.1316 (dub.l.).

5. c. dat. modi, τίνεσθαί τινα ἀγαναῖς ἀμοιβαῖς, φυγῇ, repay or requite with .., Pi.P.2.24, A.Th. 638.

6. abs., repay oneself, indemnify oneself, ἡμεῖς δ' αὖτε ἀγειρόμενοι κατὰ δῆμον τεισόμεθ' Od.13.15. (Root qĭ- [alternating with qei- and qoi-] 'pay': τῐ-νf-ω, τῐ-σις, τεί-σω [Cypr. πείσει], ἔ-τει-σα [cf. ἀππεισάτου S1.v. ἀποτίνω], ποι-νή (q.v.): Skt. cáy-ate 'avenge, punish': ápa-ci-tis 'vengeance':—
not related to τίω.)