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τίσις [τῐ], εως, ἡ, (τίνω; cf. Skt. apa-citis 'vengeance') payment by way of return or recompense, retribution, vengeance, Od.2.76, Il. 22.19, Hes.Th.210, Alcm.23.36, etc.; ἐκ γὰρ Ὀρέσταο τ. ἔσσεται Ἀτρεί̈δαο retribution for his murder, Od.1.40; freq. in Hdt., τίσιν δοῦναί τινος suffer punishment for an act, 8.76; τίσιν τινὶ ἐκτεῖσαι 6.84; τ. ἥξει 2.152, cf. S.OC228 (anap.); τιμωρίη τε καὶ τ. Hdt.7.8.ά; πρὸς κασιγνήτου τίσιν for him, S.OC1329; τῶν τοιούτων τ. retribution for such things, Pl.Lg.870d: pl., Ὀροίτεα Πολυκράτεος τίσιες μετῆλθον (where it may be personified, avengers of P., like Ἐρινύες) Hdt.3.126, 128.

2. power to repay or requite, both in bad and good sense, φίλων Thgn.337, cf. 345.