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τόν-ος, ὁ, (τείνω) that by which a thing is stretched, or that which can itself be stretched, cord, brace, band, οἱ τ. τῶν κλινέων the cords of beds or chairs, Hdt.9.118, cf. Ar.Eq.532 (anap.), Philippid.12, Michel 832.48 (Samos, iv B.C.); sg., bedcords, Ar.Lys.923; ὠμολίνου μακροὶ τόνοι A.Fr.206; ἐκ τριῶν τ. of three plies or strands, of ropes, X.Cyn.10.2.

2. in animals, τόνοι are sinews or tendons, Hp.Art.11 ( = nerves acc. to Gal.18(1).380):—
of pneumogastric nerves, Ruf.Onom.158.

3. in machines, twisted skeins of gut in torsion-engines, Ph.Bel.65.34, al., Hero Bel.83.4, Plu.Marc. 15.

b. in the γαστραφέτης, = αἱ ἐκ τῶν ἄκρων κάμψεις, Hero Bel. 75.7.

c. in dockyard equipment, ὑποζωμάτων τέτταρας τόνους ἐγ νεωρίων IG22.1673.12; τ. αἰχμάλωτοι ib.1610.23; τ. αἰχμάλωτος ἀδόκιμος ib.1613.282.

4. row or line of pillars, ib.1668.48.

II. stretching, tightening, straining, strain, tension, ὁ τ. τῶν ὅπλων Hdt. 7.36; power of contracting muscles, Sor.1.112; τ. καὶ ῥώμη Id.2.48; τὸν τῆς ὁλκῆς τ. ὑπεκλῦσαι diminish the strength of the pull, ib. 61.

2. of sounds, raising of the voice, Aeschin.3.209,210, D.18.280, Phld.Lib.p.19 O., etc.: hence,

a. pitch of the voice, Pl.R. 617b, Arist.Phgn.807a17, etc.; including volume, τόνοι φωνῆς: ὀξύ, βαρύ, μικρόν, μέγα X.Cyn.6.20; κλαυθμυρίσαι μετὰ τόνου τοῦ προσήκοντος, of a new-born baby, Sor.1.79; τῷ αὐτῷ τ. εἰπεῖν Arist.Rh. 1413b31; ἐν τ. ἀνιεμένοις καὶ βαρέσι Id.Aud.804a26; τὴν φωνὴν καὶ τὸν τ. ἐξάραντα Hieronym. ap. D.H.Isoc.13 (cf. Phld.Rh.1.198 S.); σῴζειν τὸν τ. Longin.9.13: pl., Phld.Rh.1.196S.; of a musical instrument, Plu.2.827b, etc.; diatonic scale, APl.4.220 (Antip.): metaph. of colour, 'values', Plin.HN35.29.

b. pitch or accent of a word or syllable, Arist.Rh.1403b29, D.T.629.27, A.D.Pron.8.8, al., Gal.16.495 (the meaning of the Adv. τόνῳ mentioned by A.D. Adv.167.2 is not given by him ( = λίαν, Hsch.); τόνῳ, = μετὰ προθυμίας ἰσχυρᾶς, was read by Gal.(16.585) in Hp.Prorrh.1.36 (ξὺν τόνῳ or ξὺν πόνῳ codd.Hp.)).

c. measure or metre, ἐν ἑξαμέτρῳ τ. Hdt. 1.47,62, 5.60; ἐν τριμέτρῳ τ. Id.1.174.

d. in Musical writers, key, Aristox.Harm.2p.37M., Plu.2.1134a, 1135a, etc.

3. mental or physical exertion, τ. ἀμφ' ἀρετῆς, i.e. in praising it, Xenoph.1.20; bodily energy, ἰσχὺς καὶ τ. Luc.Anach.25, cf. 27; συστρέψαι τὸν τ. (by massage) Gal.6.91: generally, force, intensity, Plu.Demetr.21, 2.563f, etc.; τ. ὀργῆς Id.Brut.34; τ. πνεύματος Luc.Dem.Enc.7; ὁ τ. τῆς φαρμακείης its efficiency, Hp.Ep.16; τ. δυνάμεων, title of a work by Heras, Gal.13.416; τ. σοφιστικός Eun.VSp.497B.

4. in Stoic Philos., 'tension', force, in Nature and Man, πληγὴ πυρὸς ὁ τόνος ἐστί, κἂν ἱκανὸς ἐν τῇ ψυχῇ γένηται πρὸς τὸ ἐπιτελεῖν τὰ ἐπιβάλλοντα, ἰσχὺς καλεῖται καὶ κράτος Cleanth.Stoic.1.128; ὁ ζωτικὸς τ. Stoic.2.235, Gal.6.321; αἰσθητικὸς τ. Stoic.2.215; συνεκτικὸς τ. the tension which holds the universe together, ib.134.

III. metaph., tenor of one's way, course, εὐθὺν τ. τρέχειν Pi.O.10(11).64; ἕνα τόνον ἔχειν Plu.Dem.13.

IV. quarter of a city, IG12(5).872.36, al. (Tenos).