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τοιόσδε, άδε (Ion. ήδε), όνδε, a form of τοῖος, bearing the same relation to τοιοῦτος as ὅδε to οὗτος, such as this, in Hom. not so common as τοῖος, but in Hdt. and Att. much more so; sts. anteced. to οἷος, as ἀοιδοῦ τοιοῦδ' οἷος ὅδ' ἐστί Od.1.371, cf. 17.313, Il.24.375: but more freq. abs., ἀλλ' ὅδ' ἐγὼ τ. here am I such as you see, Od. 16.205, cf. 15.330; freq. with implications, so great, so bad, etc.; οὔ κε κακοὶ τοιούσδε τέκοιεν 4.64; τοιόσδε τοσόσδε τε λαός Il.2.120, 799; τοιάδε λαίφεα such clothes, i. e. so bad, Od.20.206; τοσόσδε καὶ τοιόσδε Hdt.2.73: after Hom. anteced. to οἷος, S.Fr.576.2, Pl.Men. 75e, etc.; to ὅς, Hdt.7.158; rarely to a Conj., as ὡς, A.Pers.179: with a qualifying word, τοιόσδ' ἠμὲν δέμας ἠδὲ καὶ ἔργα Od.17.313; τοιόσδ' ἐστὶ πόδας 19.359: with the Art., ὁ τ. ἀνήρ, αἱ τ. πράξεις, A. Th.547, S.OT895 (lyr.); ἐν τῇ τ. ἀνάγκῃ Th.4.10; οἱ τοιοίδε S.Aj. 330; τὸ τ. Pl.Prt.358b; ἐν τῷ τοιῷδε in such circumstances, Hdt. 9.27, Th.2.36, etc.: without Art., κατὰ τοιόνδε in such wise, Hdt. 4.48, 7.10.έ; ἕτεροι τ. Id.1.207; φωνῆς ἐνεχθείσης τοιᾶσδε 2 Ep.Pet. 1.17: the sense is made more indef. by τοιόσδε τις, such a one, Hdt. 3.139, 4.50, freq. in Att., Pl.Smp.173e, al.: in prose narrative τοιάδε is, prop., as follows, τοιαῦτα as aforesaid, Hdt.1.8, al. (cf. ὅδε, οὗτος); but this distn. is not strictly observed. Adv. τοιῶσδε Adam.Vent. 37,39, Eust. ad D.P.Prooem.p.82 B., etc. [τοῐ- in A.Pr.239, Ag. 1400, S.OT435, Aj.453; but not so freq. as in τοιοῦτος.]