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τοιοῦτος, αύτη, οῦτο, Att. also -οῦτον Th.7.21, Pl.Hp.Ma.281b, etc., which is the Ep. form (v. Od.7.309, 13.330), and seems to prevail in Hdt. (2.5, 150, 3.27, 85, 5.106 (v. l.), 7.103), Gem. (2.20, al.), etc., while we find τοιοῦτο in A.Pr.801, Ag.315, Ar.Ra.1399 cod. Rav., Men.Sam.160, Pk.236, v. l. in Th.7.86: both forms occur in Pap., τοιοῦτον PAmh.2.29.17 (iii B. C.), UPZ146.8,32 (ii B. C.), Phld. Rh.1.249, 2.270 S., Ir.p.33 W.; τοιοῦτο PEnteux.27.8 (iii B. C.), PCair.Zen.379.8, 482.13 (iii B. C.), Phld.Ir.p.42 W., Rh.2.243 S. (citing Metrod.):—
Aeol. τέουτος Lyr.Adesp.51 (cod. A Heph.); fem. τεαύτα Sapph. Supp.13.4, Alc.Supp.8.5, 25.10:—
a stronger form of τοῖος, bearing the same relation to τοιόσδε as οὗτος to ὅδε, such as this, in Hom. not so common as τοῖος, but in Att. the most common of the three forms; anteced. to οἷος, Od.4.269, Pl.Smp.199d, etc.; to ὡς, Il.21.428; to ὅς, ὅς, ὅσπερ, S.Ant.691, Th.1.21, Lys.13.1, 30.14, X. Lac.7.5, Pl.R.349d, etc.; to οἷόσπερ, v. l. in X.Cyr.6.2.2; less freq. to a Conj., as ὥστε, A.Ag.1075, Pl.Smp.175d: freq. also abs., Pi. O.6.16, Hdt.2.2, etc.; freq. with implications, so good, so noble, so bad, etc., Il.7.242, etc.; τοιοῦτον ..ἐστὶ τὸ ..τέλειον ἄνδρα εἶναι so great a thing is it .., Pl.Hp.Ma.281b; τοιοῦτος ὤν being such a wretch, S.Aj.1298, cf. Ph.1049; εἴς τι τοιοῦτον ἐμπίπτειν οὗ ..into such a condition in which .., Pl.Grg.511c; freq. coupled with τοσοῦτος, Th.5.63, X.Cyr.2.4.6, etc.; with οὗτος, Pl.R.461e, X.Cyr. 8.2.26, etc. (so in the expression οὗτος τοιοῦτος, αὕτη τοιαύτη, just as he (she, it) is, of slaves or animals for sale, POxy.95.19 (ii A. D.), etc.); εἰς σὲ τοιοῦτος ἐγένετο, τ. γίγνου περὶ τοὺς γονεῖς, so disposed towards .., X.Cyr.5.2.27, Isoc.1.14: c. dat., τ. ἦσθα τοῖς λόγοισι such in thy words, S.Ph.1271: τ. ἕτερος such another, Hdt.3.47; ἕτερα τοιαῦτα, ἕτερον τοιοῦτον, Id.1.120, 2.5; referring to what precedes, Id.3.82, Pl.Lg.904d; used instead of repeating an Adj., ἀθάνατος εἶναι καὶ στρατιῆς τ. ἄρχειν Hdt.1.207, cf. 3.82, 7.10. έ, Th.3.58: with the Art., οἱ τοιοῦτοι A.Pr.952, Ch.291, S.OC642, Hp.Art.42; τὰ τ. Pi. O.9.40; ὀνόματι ὁ τοιοῦτος ἐμὲ προσαγορεύων Antipho 6.40 cod.A.

2. the sense is made more indef. in τοιοῦτός τις or τις τοιοῦτος such a one, Pi.O.6.16, Th.1.132, etc.; τοιαῦτ' ἄττα Pl.R.386a; in this case it may freq. be rendered by an Adv., ἡ διάρριψις τοιαύτη τις ἐγένετο took place in this wise, X.An.5.8.7; ἐγένετο ἡ διακομιδὴ τοιαύτη τις Plb.3.45.6.

3. τὸτ. such a proceeding, Th.1.76, etc.; διὰ τὸ τ. for such a reason, Id.7.21; ἐκ τοῦ τ. Id.3.37; ἐν τῷ τ. in such a case, ib.81, etc. (but also ἐν τῷ τ. in such a place, X.Ages.6.7; ἐν τ. τῆς οἰκίας Id.Eq.4.1); also ἐν τ. εἶναι τοῦ κινδύνου to be in such a state of peril, Id.An.1.7.5.

4. in narrative, τοιαῦτα prop. refers to what goes before, τοιαῦτα μὲν δὴ ταῦτα A.Pr.500; καὶ ταῦτα μὲν τ. S.El. 696, cf. X.An.2.5.12, etc.; cf. τοιόσδε fin.

b. after a question, τοιαῦτα affirms like ταῦτα (v. οὗτος c. VII. 1), just so, even so, E.Hec. 776, El.645.

5. τοιαῦτα abs., τἂ πλοῖα, τὰ τοιαῦτα ships and suchlike, D.8.25.

6. τοιαῦτα as Adv., in such wise, S.OT1327: regul. Adv. τοιούτως only late, EM650.42.—
Cf. τοσοῦτος. [τοῐ- freq. in Trag. and Com., e.g. A.Ag.593, Eu.194,197,424, S.OT406, Ar. Ra.1399, etc.; cf. τοιόσδε fin.]