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τοσόσδε, Ep. τοσσόσδε, ήδε, όνδε, = τόσος in all senses, but like τοσοῦτος with stronger demonstr. sense: Hom. has both common and Ep. forms (Il.2.120, Od.5.100), but not so freq. as τόσος or τόσσος, while in Att. τοσόσδε and τοσοῦτος are the regul. forms, the latter being most freq. in Prose:—
in Ep., τοιόσδε τοσόσδε τε joined, Il. l. c.:—
τοσόνδε μέντοι χάρισαί μοι Pl.R.457e; ἀλλά μοι ἔτι τ. εἰπέ ib.330d, cf. Hdt. 1.13, etc.; and with Art., τὸ δὲ τ. οἶδα, ὅτι ..Pl.Lg. 672b: c. inf., τοσσήνδε θεοὶ δύναμιν περιθεῖεν τείσασθαι μνηστῆρας sufficient to punish .., Od.3.205: with an answering ὅσσος, Il.14.94, 18.430: τοσοίδε ὄντες being so many only, i.e. so few, X.An.2.4.4.

II. neut. τοσόνδε, Ep. τοσσόνδε, as Adv., so very, so much, Od.21.253; folld. by ὅσσον, Il.22.41: also in Trag. (not in E.), S.El. 403, etc.; τ. ὅσον ..A.Th.772 (lyr.), etc.; τ. ὥστε ..S.Aj.1335: of Time, so long, τ. ὅσον περ ..A.Ag.860; ἐς τ. S.OT1212 (lyr.); τοσσάδε Pi.O.1.116.

2. as Subst., ἐς τοσόνδε τοῦ χρόνου S.El. 961, cf. 14; τὸ τοσόνδε quantity, Arist.Ph.224b6.