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τράχηλος [ᾰ], ὁ, Dor. τράχᾱλος IG42(1).122.3, al. (Epid., iv B. C.): heterocl. pl. τράχηλα Call.Fr.98 (= Iamb.1.147):—
neck, throat, Hdt.2.40, Hp.Aph.4.35, E.Cyc.608 (lyr.), Sor.1.84, Gal.6.151, etc.; distd. fr. αὐχήν by Pl.Phdr.253e (τράχηλος being, acc. to Gp.19.2.3, the whole neck and throat, αὐχήν the back part of the neck in human beings, the upper part in animals; this difference is observed in Sor.Fasc.37 (cf. αὐχήν in 38,39,40,41), Adam.2.21; but αὐχήν in Hp.Prog.23 is glossed τράχηλος by Gal.18(2).264, cf. Ruf. Onom.66, Poll.2.130; in LXX, NT, and Pap. τ. is more freq. than αὐχήν); τ. σώματος χωρὶς τεμών E.Ba.241, cf. Supp.716; ἀποτεμεῖν, ἀποκόψαι, Plu.Art.29, Flam.18, etc.; βρόχον δ' ἐνίαλλε τραχήλῳ Theoc.23.51; ἐς τ. πεσεῖν break one's neck, E.Tr.755; ἐπὶ τ. ὠθεῖν τινα thrust head-foremost, Luc.DMort.27.1, Merc.Cond.39; εἰς τ. Poll.2.135; ἐπιπεσεῖν ἐπὶ τὸν τ. τινός LXX Ge.46.29, Ev.Luc.15.20; ἐν βρόχῳ τὸν τ. ἔχων νομοθετεῖ with a halter round his neck, D.24.139; ἔδει σε ἐν τῷ σῷ τ. ἐμπαίζειν at the risk of your own neck, PTeb.758.2 (ii B. C.).

2. neck of animals, of the horse, X.Eq.1.8; the hare, Id.Cyn.5.30; the camel, Plu.2.1125b, BGU469.6 (ii A. D.); the neck as a joint of meat, Plu.Demetr. 11; of a fowl, Gal.6.788.

II. of parts resembling the neck, e. g. upper part of the murex, Eub.66, Posidipp.14, cf. Arist.HA547a16, Ath.3.87f; in the κάραβος the narrow part of the abdomen, Arist. HA 526a3; the neck of the grasshopper, ib.556a2.

2. neck of a vessel, BCH35.286 (Delos), Hero Spir.1.19, al.; of a gourd, Arist.HA616a23; of parts of the body, τ. μήτρας Hp.Mul.2.169, Poll.2.222; ὑστέρας Sor.1.7; κύστεως ibid., Gal.UP14.9, Poll.2.171; καρδίας Placit.4.5.8.

3. middle part of a mast, Asclep.Myrl. ap. Ath.11.475a.