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τρίτος [ῐ], Aeol. τέρτος (v. τέρτα) η, ον, (τρεῖς) third, τοῖσι δ' ἐπὶ τρίτος ἦλθε Od.20.185, cf. 14.471; τρίτος αὐτός himself the third, i. e. with two others (v. αὐτός 1.6) τ. ἡμίδραχμον two drachmae and a half, Din.Fr.8.4; cf. ἡμιτάλαντον; τ. γενέσθαι to be third in a race, Isoc.16.34, cf. Plu.Alc.11:—
the third freq. appears as completing the tale, e.g. the third and last libation was offered to Ζεὺς Σωτήρ, Διὸς σωτηρίου σπονδὴ τρίτου κρατῆρος S.Fr.425, cf. A.Fr.55; ἔγχει κἀπιβόα τρίτον παιῶν', ὡς νόμος ἐστίν Pherecr.131.5 (cf. τριτόσπονδος): metaph., Κράτος τε καὶ Δίκη σὺν τῷ τρίτῳ ..Ζηνί A.Ch.244, cf. Eu. 759, Supp.26 (anap.); τρίτην ἐπενδίδωμι (sc. πληγήν) the third and finishing stroke, Id.Ag.1386; Ἐρινὺς ..αἷμα πίεται, τρίτην πόσιν, i. e. the blood of Clytemnestra and Aegisthus, the first being that of the children of Thyestes, the second that of Agamemnon, Id.Ch.578, cf. 1066 (anap.).

II. τρίτη, with or without ἡμέρα, the day after tomorrow, ἐς τρίτην ἡμέραν Ar.Lys.612; εἰς τρίτην Anaxandr.4; τῇ τρίτῃ X.HG3.1.17, etc.; τρίτῃ καὶ τετάρτῃ Id.An.4.8.21, etc.; but ἐχθὲς καὶ τ. ἡμέραν yesterday and the day before, Id.Cyr.6.3.11:—
διὰ τρίτης two days later, Arist.Fr.368; but, every other day, Hp.Fract. 48, Gal.6.354.

2. with other Nouns omitted, ἡ τ. (sc. χορδή) the third string in the heptachord, = ἡ παραμέση, Arist.Pr.920a16, Plu.2.1137b:—
ἡ τ. (sc. πληγή) the third blow, v. supr. 1:—
ἡ τ. (sc. μερίς) the third part of a coin or weight, Hsch. S1.v. ἕκτη, Phot. post Τριτοπάτορες; ἐγένετο ὁ μέδιμνος χρυσοῦ καὶ δύο τριτῶν IPE12.32A63 (Olbia, iii B. C.); third of a stater, Herod.2.64.

III. τρίτον as Adv., thirdly, S.Ant.55, Fr.380; a third time, E.Hel.1417, Aristid.2.182 J.; πρῶτον μὲν .., δεύτερον δὲ .., τ. δὲ ..Pl.R.358c; τοῦτο τ. this third time, LXXNu.22.32, Ev.Jo.21.14:—
in Hom. always τὸ τρίτον, Il.3.225, 6.186, al., cf. Hdt.1.55, Ar.Ach.997, Th.6.5, etc.:—
also ἐκ τρίτου in the third place, Pl.Ti.54a (but = the third time, Ev.Matt. 26.44, Dsc. 5.32); ἐκ τρίτων E.Or.1178, Pl.Grg.500a:—
regul. Adv. τρίτως in the third degree, Id.Ti.56b.

2. τρίτον thrice, Metaph. 134.15, Gp.2.39.7, al., Sch.Pi.O.2.123; Elean ἐν τρίτον Schwyzer 412.4.

IV. τὸ τ. μέρος Isoc.12.177, etc.; τὸ τ. Luc.Tox.46; τὸ τ. τοῦ ἀριθμοῦ Str.7.7.4, cf. LXXNu.15.6; ἐπὶ τῷ τ. at the third signal, X.An.2.2.4.

V. τρίτα, τά,

1. (sc. ἱερά) a sacrifice offered the third day after the funeral, Ar.Lys.613, Is.2.37, Poll.8.146.

2. τὰ τρίτα λέγειν τινί play the third part (like τριταγωνιστεῖν τινι), D.19.246, cf. Men.223.17.

3. πρῶτα δραμεῖν καὶ δεύτερα καὶ τ. win ..third place in the race, E.Epigr.3 (τρίτατα cj. Bgk.). (Cf. Skt. trlīyas, Lat. terlius, etc.)