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τρῐήραρχ-ος (proparox.), ὁ, captain of a trireme, Hdt.8.93, Ar.Th.837 (troch.), Th.4.11, 7.70, X.HG1.1.25, OGI773.5 (Ios, iv B. C.), IG22.1631.343 (iv B. C.), 884.11 (iii/ii B. C.), BGU1744.11 (i B. C.), POxy.1508.4 (ii A. D.), etc.

II. trierarch, one who (singly or jointly with other citizens) had to fit out a trireme for the public service, Ar.Ach.546, Th.6.31, 7.13, IG12.304.36, al., 22.1.27, 1609.57, 1612.133, 1629.3, 183, etc.—
τρῐηραρχ-άρχης is a later form, meaning naval commander in general, Gal. Thras.47.