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τρῐώβολ-ον, Dor. τριώδελον (q. v.), τό, (ὀβολός) three-obol-piece, half-drachma, οὐκ ἄξιος τριωβόλου Nicopho 12, cf. Ar.Pl.125; ὀψωνεῖν μέχρι τριωβόλου Eub.88, etc.—
At Athens, this was

1. pay of the dicasts or jurymen for a day's sitting in court, Ar.Eq.51,800, etc.

2. pay given to the members of the ἐκκλησία whenever they chose to attend, first given about 392 B.C., Id.Ec.292,308.

3. pay of the marine soldiery (ἐπιβάται), Th.8.45, X.HG1.5.7, etc.

4. a tax paid by μέτοικοι (or perh. by freedment who became such), Men.35.

II. a weight of three obols, Sor.1.63.