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τύμβος, ὁ, sepulchral mound, cairn, barrow, τῷ κέν οἱ τύμβον μὲν ἐποίησαν Παναχαιοί Od.1.239, cf. Il.2.604,793, Hdt.1.45, etc.; τύμβον χεῦαι (cf. τυμβοχοέω) Od.4.584, 12.14, 24.80; χῶσαι S.Ant. 1203; στήλῃ κεκλιμένος ..ἐπὶ τύμβῳ Il.11.371.

2. generally, tomb, grave, Pi.O.1.93, A.Ch.92, etc.; θρηνεῖν πρὸς τύμβον, of one who will not hear, ib.926; ὥσπερ ἀπὸ τύμβου πεσών like an old man from the grave, as old Philocleon says scoffingly to his son, Ar.V. 1370.

3. tombstone with the figure of the dead, τ. ξεστός E.Alc. 836, cf. AB309.

II. metaph., γέρων τύμβος, = τυμβογέρων, E. Med.1209, Heracl.167; ὦ τύμβε Ar.Lys.372. [Dat. sg. τυμοι, i.e. τύμῳ [ῡ], in three metr. epitaphs, IG9(1).869,870 (Corc., vi B. C.), prob. in IG12(9).285.10 (Eretria, = Supp.Epigr.1.409).]