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ὕπ-οπτος, ον, (ὑφοράω, fut. ὑπόψομαι) viewed with suspicion or jealousy, of persons, A.Ag.1637; opp. πιστός (trusted), Th.3.82; c. dat., an object of suspicion to one, πόλει E.El.644, cf. Th.4.103, 104, etc.; ὕ. τινός suspected in relation to a thing, Plu Pomp.56; ἐπί τινι Luc.Cal.29: c. inf., ὑ. αὐτοῖς μὴ προθύμως πέμψαι suspected by them of not having sent .., Th.6.75.

2. of things, τάδ' ἦν ὕποπτα E.IT1334; τούτων ὑπόπτων ὄντων Antipho 2.2.4, cf. Epicur.Sent.13, Sammelb.5761.22 (i A. D.); ὕ. ἂν γένοιτο X.Cyr.2.4.16; ὕ. καθειστήκει c. inf., it was matter for suspicion to .., Th.4.78: τὰ ὕ. suspected defects, Plu.Galb.24.

b. expected, foreseen, of ague fits, ὕ. ἡμέρα, προσβολή, Ruf.Fr.68, Dsc.5.113.

3. Adv., -τως διακεῖσθαι or ἔχειν to lie under suspicion, τινι Th.8.68, X.HG2.3.40.

II. Act., suspecting, fearing, c. gen., ἁλώσεως E.Hec.1135; πρὸς φαρμακίην ὕ. Aret. SD1.5, etc.: τὸ ὕ. suspicion, jealousy, τὸ ὕ. τῆς γνώμης Th.1.90, cf. Plu.Cleom.36, Hdn.4.1.1; τῷ ὑ. μου from suspicion of me, Th.6.89; εἰς ὕποπτα μὴ μόλῃς ἐμοί E.El.345. Adv., with suspicion, -τως ἀποδέχεσθαι πάντα Th.6.53, cf. 8.66; ὑ. ἔχειν πρός τινα Isoc.8.112, D.19.132; περὶ τὰ προσφερόμενα Arist.Pr.926b22.

2. of a horse, = ὑπόπτης 2, Poll.1.197.