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ὑμέναι-ος [ῠ], ὁ, (Ὑμήν) the wedding or bridal song, sung by the bride's attendants as they led her to the bridegroom's house, Il.18.493, Hes.Sc.274, A.Ag.707 (lyr.), E.IA1036 (lyr., S1. v.l.): pl., παμφώνων ἰαχὰ ὑμεναίων Pi.P.3.17, cf. E.Alc.922 (anap.), etc.: Aeol. ὐμήνᾰος Sapph.91, Epigr.Gr.418.7 (Cyrene): a form ὑμήναιος in Call. Aet.3.1.43.

2. wedding, S.OT422, E.Ion1475 (lyr.): pl., S.Ant. 813 (lyr.), E.IA123 (lyr.), Phld.Mus.p.68K.

II. = Ὑμήν, Hymen, the god of marriage, addressed in wedding-songs, freq. in Trag. and Com. (lyr.), Ὑμὴν ὦ Υμέναι' ἄναζ E.Tr.314; Ὑμὴν ὦ Ὑμέναι' Ὑμήν ib.331; Ὑμὴν Ὑμέναι' ὦ Ar.Pax1335; Ὑμὴν ὦ, Ὑμέναι' ὦ Id.Av.1736,1742; Dor. Ὑμὰν ὦ Ὑμέναιε Theoc.18.58; hence the two are used as one word, ὑμὴν ὑμέναιον ἀείδων Opp.C.1.341.