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ὑμέτερος [ῡ], α, ον, Dor. and Ep. ὑμός (q.v.): (ὑμεῖς):—
your, yours, Hom., etc.; with a Pron. added in gen., ὑμέτερος ἑκάστου θυμός the courage of each of you, Il.17.226; ὑμέτερος θυμὸς αὐτῶν your own mind, Od.2.138; ὑμέτερόνδε to your house, Il.23.86: τὸ ὑ. your part, your business, ἢν μὴ τὸ ὑ. αἴτιον γένηται Hdt.8.140.ά, cf. Pl.Grg.522c; τὸ δ' ὑ. πρᾶξαι your character is to .., Th.1.70; τὰ ὑ. your goods, X.Cyr.3.2.12: in Prose sts. with the Article, ταῖς ὑμετέραις πόλεσι Pl.Lg.836c; and objectively, αἱ ὑ ἐλπίδες hopes raised by you, Th.1.69; ἐπὶ τῇ ὑ. παρακελεύσει for the purpose of advising you, Pl.Ap.36d.

II. poet. (never in Att.) sts. for σός, Sol.19.2, Call.Del.204, 227, Nonn.D.5.340, AP5.292 (Paul. Sil.).