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ὑπηρετ-έω, fut. -ήσω Alex. (v. infr.), etc.: plpf. ὑπηρετήκειν X.HG3.3.9:—
prop. do service on board ship, as a rower (cf. ὑπηρέτης, ὑπηρεσία), SIG524.33,47 (Praesus, iii B. C.):—
Pass., πλοῖον ὑπὸ δύο ἀνθρώπων ὑπηρετεῖσθαι δυνάμενον D.S.2.55.

II. to be a servant, do service, S.El.996, Ph.990; opp. ἄρχω, Ar.V.518 (troch.); τοὺς διὰ φόβον ὑ. X.Hier.1.38.

2. c. dat., minister to, serve, τῷ παρόντι δαίμονι S.El.1306, cf. E.Ph.1708, Th.4.108, etc.; ὑ. τῷ χρηστηρίῳ submit to its ruling, Hdt.8.41, cf. Pl.Lg.914a; ἔργοις ἀνοσίοις ὑ. S.OC283; [νόμῳ, λόγῳ], Lys.2.19; ὑ. τοῖς τρόποις humour his ways, Ar.Ra.1432; τῷδ' ὑ. λόγῳ second, support it, E.Med.588; ὢν ἄνθρωπος ἀνθρώπου τύχαις ὑπηρετήσω Alex.150.

3. ὑ. τινὶ εἴς or πρός τι, Hdt.1.109, X.Eq.8.7, etc.; also ὑ. τινί τι serve one in a thing, οἷς σὺ ταῦθ' ὑπηρετεῖς S.Ph. 1024, cf. Ar.Pl.979, Pl.Smp.196c, X.Cyr.5.1.20, D.18.138,59.35.

b. in financial sense, τὸν δὲ ταμίαν εἰς τὸ ἀνάλωμα ὑπηρετῆσαι Supp.Epigr. 1.351.30 (Samos, iv B. C.), cf. 363.43 (ibid., iii B. C.), Inscr.Prien.3 (iv B. C.), 18 (iii B. C.), al.

c. at Athens, serve as ὑπηρέτης of the Council, D.19.70.

d. in the Mithraic cult, to be a ὑπηρέτης or servitor, Rev.Hist.Rel.109.63 (Rome).

e. render military service, BGU180.14,613.23 (both ii A. D.).

4. abs., serve, be subordinate, opp. προστάττω, Arist.Top.129a13; ἡ ὑπηρετοῦσα ἐπιστήμη Id.Metaph.982b5: c. neut. pl. of Adj., etc., τὰ λοίφ' ὑ. help in what remains to be done, S.Ph.15; ὑ. τὰ περὶ τὸν πόλεμον Pl.R.467a; and with cogn. acc., ὑ. τὰς διακονικὰς πράξεις Arist.Pol.1277a36:—
Pass., to be done as service, τὰ ἀπ' ἡμέων ἐς ὑμέας ὑπηρετέεται Hdt.4.139; χρὴ σὴ τό γε ἐμὸν ὑπηρετέεσθαι that my service should be rendered, Id.1.108; ἢν τὰ παρ' ὑμῶν ὑπηρετῆται Isoc.3.63; τὸ πρᾶγμα τὸ ὑπηρετηθέν Arist.EE 1243a16, cf. X.HG5.2.34.—
The Med. occurs in late texts, as Hld.7.19, al., and Alciphr.1.11, dub. in Supp.Epigr.1.327.19 (Callatis, i A. D.); τὸ -ούμενον the retinue, Memn.2.4; fut. -ήσομαι POxy.58.24 (iii A. D.); but in S.El.1306, ὑπηρετοίην was rightly restored by Musgrave and Elmsl. for -οίμην.