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ὧδε, Att. also ὡδί (q. v.), demonstr.Adv. of ὅδε:

I. of Manner, in this wise, thus, sts. so very, so exceedingly, freq. from Hom. downwards: in Hom. usu. before the Verb, but after it in Il.1.181, 574, 10.91, 18.392; Pl. and X. mostly place it after the Verb:—
in construction ὧδε is answered by ὡς, so .., as .., Il.3.300, Od.19.312: answering ὥς περ, Il.6.478, cf. S.OT276, etc.: folld. by a relat., τίς ὧδε τλησικάρδιος, ὅτῳ ..; A.Pr.160 (lyr.); by εἰ, δοκῶ μοι ὧδε ἂν μᾶλλον πιθέσθαι σοι, εἴ μοι δείξειας ..Pl.Cra.391a; εἰ φρονῶν ἔπρασσον, οὐδ' ἂν ὧδ' ἐγιγνόμην κακός S.OC272: c. part., δύαις τε καμφθεὶς ὧδε δεσμὰ φυγγάνω A.Pr.513: ὧδέπως is freq. in Att., Pl.R.393d, X.Mem. 2.1.21, etc.; also in later Prose, Luc.Herm.32, etc.

2. of a State or Condition, as it is, πρόμολ' ὧ. come forth just as thou art, Il.18.392, cf. Od.1.182, 2.28 (rightly so taken by Aristarch. ap. Sch.A Il.2.271, cf. Sch.A Il.18.392: v. infr. 11); στρεύγεσθαι ὧδ' ἄτως Il.15.513, cf. 10.91.

3. of something following, thus, as follows, esp. to introduce quoted words, Il.1.181 (where it follows the verb), Od.2.111, Hes. Op.203, etc.; ὧδ' ἠμείψατο S.Ph.378: sts. referring to what goes before, Hdt.5.2.

4. pleon., τόσον ὧδ' ἐβόησας Od.9.403; ὧδε ..τῇδε S.El.1301.

5. c. gen., γένους μὲν ἥκεις ὧ. τοῖσδε (where ἥκεις = προσήκεις) E.Heracl.213.

II. of Place, hither, cf. ὅδε 1: Aristarch. denied this usage in Hom. altogether (cf. Sch.A Il.2.271, Apollon.Lex. S1.v. ὧδε, A.D.Adv.178.25, Eust.792.2, al.); and most of the passages taken in this sense may be referred to signf.1.1 or 2, just as you see, v. supr.1.2: but hither seems prob. in Od.17.544, Il.12.346, 10.537: examples of ὧδε, hither, are found in Trag. (esp. in S., as OT7,144, 298, OC182 (lyr.), 841 (lyr.), 1206, 1547, Tr.402); also in Com., as ἴτω τις ὧ. Ar.Av.229 (lyr.); and later, as Herod.1.49; χιλίας ὧ. καὶ χιλίας ὧδ' ἐμβαλεῖν Id.5.48; ὧ. χὦδε χασκεύσῃ Id.4.42; ὧδε καὶ ὧδε this way and that, AP5.128 (Autom.): προσάγαγε ὧ. τὸν υἱόν σου Ev.Luc.9.41.

2. here, Herod.2.98; εἰσὶν ὧ. πρὸς ἡμᾶς they are here with us, Ev.Marc.6.3; ὧ. κἀκεῖ Plu. 2.34a, cf. Ev.Marc.13.21: τηνεῖ δρύες, ὧδε (v.l. ἠδὲ) κύπειρος Theoc. 1.106, cf. 120, 121: so Cratin.54 (anap.) acc. to Phot. (but v. Kock).