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<render-before> and <render-after>

These elements contain text that is rendered before and after the contents of an element in the target document. If we have <x>bar</x> in the target document, and the doctype contains the rule

<element name="x"/>
Arboreal will display foobar in the ``rendered content'' mode.

In addition to text content, two elements are permitted within <render-before> and <render-after>. The empty <nl> element is a convenient way of rendering a newline (line break). The <attribute> element allows for the value of a named attribute to be rendered.

Example 1: The following rule renders a line break and the value of the n attribute, followed by a period and space, before the contents of an <l n="x"> element in the target document:

<element name="l"/>
<render-before><nl/><attribute name="n"/>. </render-before>

Malcolm D. Hyman 2003-10-09