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The <tree-view> section allows rules to be defined for the rendering of elements in Arboreal's ``rendered tree'' mode (i.e., when ``Tree XML view'' is toggled off). Rules are of the same sort as those in <content-view>.

Optionally, a <default-node> element may appear first within the <tree-view> section. This element specifies the default rendering format for a node in the tree; it is only used if it is not overridden by a more explicit rule. The content of <default-node> may include any combination of:

The remainder of the <tree-view> section consists of <self> and <parent> rules, as described above for <content-view>. Note, however, that the tree may not contain styled text (thus any <style> and <style-extra> actions are simply ignored).

Malcolm D. Hyman 2003-10-09