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The <langspec> element provides Arboreal with the information needed to determine the language of the amalgamated text within a container or subcontainer. This element has a single child, <attribute>; the name attribute of <attribute> defines the attribute used to encode language in the target doctype. Values for the specified attribute must be ISO 639 language codes. A node in the target document inherits the language property of its parent node, unless the language attribute is present. If the language of the root element of the target document is not specified by a language attribute, the language of the root element is considered to be the default document language specified under <metadata> (q.v.). Many XML documents will use the standard lang attribute in the xml namespace for this purpose. If attributes are not used to encode language in the target doctype, supply the null string as the value of name.

Example 1: To define the standard XML language attribute, use:

<langspec><attribute name="xml:lang"/></langspec>

Malcolm D. Hyman 2003-10-09